I'm Ed. A director, shooter and whiz editor who has seen Seinfeld all the way through 8 times. 
In 2002, my mum handed me a camcorder and a pirated copy of Adobe Premiere Pro. It could have gone two ways here - start pirating CDs or dive into the world of film. The rest is history...
These days, I direct and edit commercial work or branded content with the aim to push boundaries, turn heads and make people notice.
I've worked successfully with clients such as Etihad, Tourism Australia, Google, Bet365, QBE Insurance, John Deere, Sydney University and many more. When I work with these clients I get the most out of their ideas and create something rather than just capture something. More recently, I’ve been releasing some short films and picked up a few awards along the away and was even featured on primetime news.
I love it all and got the skillzzz as a creative, director, scriptwriter, camera operator and post-production whiz who knows Adobe’s Creative Suite inside out. 
Let’s dance!
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